Goodfellows & Christmas for Kids Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Goodfellows distribution?

Food-only applicants will be served at 7:00pm on December 14th, but if they cannot come on the 14th, they can still come on the 15th.

All other applicants will be served on December 15th. The doors will open at 7:45 AM and distribution will start at 8:00 AM. Distribution should be finished by Noon and the doors will be closed at 1:00 pm.

A split distribution is in place to reduce wait times which can be especially hard on older participants. Only participants with letters stating 7:00 PM will be served on the 14th. No toys from the Christmas for Kids program will be distributed on the evening of the 14th.

Where will the Distribution take place?

The Distribution will take place at the new NEA District Fairgrounds, located at 7001 E. Johnson Ave.

I didn’t receive my letter. What do I do?

If you applied for the program but didn’t receive your letter in the mail, come on up to the Fairgrounds between 8:00 am and Noon. If we received your application but your letter was lost in the mail, you’ll still get food and toys. If we never received your application, the worst that could happen is that you’ll have to wait until the time reserved for walk-ins.

I missed the application deadline. Can I still get food and toys?

Walk-ins are accepted, but must wait until at least 11:30 am to give ample opportunity for those who signed up in advance to be served. The amount of food and toys purchased is dictated by the number of applicants who submitted their application before the deadline.

Can you deliver my food and/or toys?


I can’t make it on Saturday. Can I pick up on Monday?

Unfortunately, no. The distribution is limited to Saturday only. We must vacate the building at the end of the day and have nowhere to store the leftovers. This applies to toys as well.

My letter says 8/10:00 am but… What should I do?

The times are a guideline that are, in theory, supposed to cut down on the time you have to stand around waiting. If your letter says 8:00 but you can’t be there until after 9:00, come after 9:00. If you can’t come at 10:00, come at 8:00. Life doesn’t always fit into our neat little guidelines.

General Notes on Applications:

An application that is incomplete (no address, etc.) will be discarded. An application missing a ZIP Code is acceptable.

If you use a Post Office Box, we do not need your physical address. We only need the address where you receive mail.

An application that includes children, but doesn’t specify their genders or ages will be entered as a Food-Only application.

When is the application deadline?

The deadline to return your application is close of business on November 26th, 2012. Applications will be picked up from the distributing agencies on the 27th. After applications are picked up, no further visits to these organizations will be made.

Where can I get an application?

The application deadline has passed. Notification letters will be mailed out soon.

What do I need to bring to the Distribution?

  • A photo I.D. (Driver’s License, government I.D. card, work-issued I.D. card, etc.)
  • If you do not have a photo I.D., two non-photo I.D. cards can be used. These need to include your name and address. This address needs to match the one you used to apply for the program.
  • Your notification letter (will be taken at registration desk)

What do I need to bring if I am picking up for my family member, neighbor, etc.?

  • Their notification letter (will be taken at registration desk)
  • A copy of their photo I.D.
  • A letter or note signed by them stating that you will pick up their food.

If you have a question not covered here, please call us at (870) 931-5252 and leave us a message with your question. We’ll try to answer it as soon as we can.