The application process has concluded. Applicants will receive a letter in the mail if they applied. Any applicant who does not receive a letter should come to the NEA District Fairgrounds on the Distribution Day, December 17. If we received your application, but your letter was lost in the mail, then you will still be served by the Program(s). Those who applied, but we never received the appliction will be placed on a Walk-In list and will be served at the conclusion of the day.

Distribution of food and toys will take place on December 17, 2011 at the Northeast Arkansas District Fairgrounds (2731 E. Highland Drive). In 2010 we executed a split-distribution strategy for Friday evening for families and individuals participating in Goodfellows only. This Friday evening distribution will take place this year as well. If chosen for a Friday distribution you can still come on Saturday if you cannot make it for Friday, however, the wait will be longer.

Families accepted into the program will receive a letter in the mail prior to the distribution telling them when to arrive. They must bring the letter and a photo ID to the Fairgrounds in order to receive their food and/or toys.

Please send any questions to us via the Contact page or by leaving a message in the General Mailbox at (870) 931-5252.