If you have a question that is not listed here, please call us at (870) 931-5252.

When is the distribution?
The distribution is scheduled for December 17, 2011. The doors will open at 7:30 am.

Where is the distribution?
Distribution will take place at the Main Exhibit Building of the NEA District Fairgrounds, 2731 E. Highland Drive in Jonesboro.

I didn’t receive my letter. What do I do?
If you applied for the program but didn’t receive your letter in the mail, come on up to the Fairgrounds between 8:00 am and Noon. If we received your application but your letter was lost in the mail, you’ll still get food and toys. If we never received your application, the worst that could happen is that you’ll have to wait until the time reserved for walk-ins.

I missed the application deadline. Can I still get food and toys?
Walk-ins are accepted, but must wait until at least 11:30 am to give ample opportunity for those who signed up in advance to be served. The amount of food and toys purchased is dictated by the number of applicants who submitted their application before the deadline.

Can I send someone else to pick up for me?
Yes, but they must have your acceptance letter and a note from you authorizing the pickup.

My (family member/neighbor) was approved but can’t make it. Can I pick up for him/her?
Yes, but only if you have a copy of their letter and a note authorizing you to pick up on their behalf.

Do you deliver?

I can’t make it on Saturday. Can I pick up on Monday?
Unfortunately, no. The distribution is limited to Saturday only. We must vacate the building at the end of the day and have nowhere to store the leftovers. This applies to toys as well.

My letter says 8/10:00 am but… What should I do?
The times are a guideline that are, in theory, supposed to cut down on the time you have to stand around waiting. If your letter says 8:00 but you can’t be there until after 9:00, come after 9:00. If you can’t come at 10:00, come at 8:00. Life doesn’t always fit into our neat little guidelines.

What time do you close?
We like to begin closing the doors at around Noon so that we can begin cleanup. If people keep coming, we’ll stay open—to an extent.

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