Like all summers, time seems to move more quickly the closer you get to the end. A quick review of all the projects you planned on completing versus what was actually done will let you know how close you came to a last few weeks of BBQs with friends and family, non-interrupted naps in the extremely comfortable hammock, or perhaps even a weekend get-a-way. An organized approach would all but insure you a reward of leisure, if you choose. Misappropriated time guarantees a destiny of long nights filled with paint cans for the unfinished room, unrealistic exercise regimes for the final few pounds, or paperwork for the assignment that you had built into your Friday afternoons work schedule over the duration of the summer.

Whether you succeeded in meeting all your summer goals, if you’re like most Jaycees, things only get busier in fall. Starting with an organized approach is critical to managing any project, and can be essential when you’re juggling the competing demands in school, work, family, and social lives. Entrepreneur and author Kevin Daum recently wrote about five great ways to make sure any project gets off to a great start. Check out the highlights from below, and for the full article, follow this link.

  1. Do some homework – a little advance research, even as simple as checking out a website, can yield a wealth of information.
  2. Set up a basic plan – nothing too fancy if not necessary, but even the smallest project should have a basic structure or plan for completion.
  3. Recruit great people – there is no value to mediocre performers. Find and surround yourself with the best.
  4. Establish clear expectations – everyone on the team (including you) should know their roles and deliverables.
  5. Create communication protocol – develop communication guidelines and make sure people follow them.

There’s still time to end your summer with a bang – and with a little more attention to the start of your fall projects, you can have a more productive end to 2014. Tell us what your fall plans include. What kind of projects are you considering? How can Jaycee resources at the chapter, state, and national levels help you achieve your personal and professional goals? Remember, our Facebook and Twitter pages can be great points of support…check them out!