One of the biggest mistakes any future leader can make is to assume that the strategies used by his or her predecessor to lead and manage employees will be successful when they have the opportunity to provide direction. Just like technology, leadership styles change. What was effective yesterday may not motivate today’s employee to perform at their best. As the premier organization for the development of individuals aged 18 to 40, helping to build quality leaders is one of the Jaycees’ highest goals for members. Through trainings, speakers, and projects, the Jaycee organization is constantly providing the tools and information to help improve leadership skills for all individuals.

Andrew Graham, president and CEO of The Forum Corporation, a Boston-based learning organization, recently discussed leadership trends in the U.S. News and World Report online edition. You can check out the full article here. Some interesting concepts that you should be aware of include:

  • You must lead change. With constant upheaval and change in virtually all industries and marketplaces, strong leaders must be flexible and prepared to adapt to challenges that may come from any number of directions. Lacking an ability to change, leaders will fail to maximize opportunity and defend against risk.
  • Good managers will be hard to find. With the increasing opportunities for entrepreneurship, often the top leaders will choose to start their own businesses. This removes them from the job market, and makes the pool of top-level talent that much smaller. Find talent whenever and wherever possible, and then hang on to them.
  • People-leadership skills will be more highly valued. Research indicates that companies who employ managers with more people-leadership skills perform more highly compared with organizations that do not highlight these skills. Take the time to develop your ability to lead people. It’s worth the investment.
  • It will take a village. Once again, the value of teamwork and the ability to function successfully within a group format cannot be overstated. The top leaders know what they do not know, and aren’t afraid to listen to their employees and include their ideas and suggestions.

As business practices continue to evolve, it’s necessary to make sure that you are continuously improving your leadership and management skills and techniques. Not only will it improve your next Jaycee project, but it also increases the likelihood of greater success and responsibility in your work life. Would you like to share any of your best leadership tips or suggestions? We have a place for that…check out our Twitter and Facebook pages. No waiting!