The fall season is a great time to get something started. Whether it’s a healthier lifestyle, finishing up on the projects you didn’t have time to complete during summer, or coming up with a brand new idea and running with it, this is a good time to reset your goals and productivity. But how do you get motivated after what (I hope) was a relaxing summer with plenty of Jaycee events?

Jennifer Cohen, a contributor from Forbes, gives some great pointers on how to boost your motivation, and ultimately your productivity. Check out the full article after you’ve reviewed these highlights:

  1. Set small, measurable goals. Don’t try to do too much. You are more likely to feel better about yourself if you divide a big goal into several smaller steps. You feel like you’re making more progress and you have the opportunity to give yourself rewards to provide encouragement.
  2. Develop a mantra. The repetition of a verbal statement reinforces the attitude or belief and keeps your motivation high.
  3. Commit publically. Whether through social media for the world to see, or simply telling your friends and family, the support of others can go a long way to keeping you on track and dedicated to your task.
  4. Create your own routine and rituals. Make sure it is something that brings you happiness and is easy to accomplish. You’ll feel more prepared for the day, and will stay motivated to continue your success.
  5. Become a good mental debater. Everyone has doubts. Rather than give in to the negative thoughts, learn arguments that work for you to help maintain your focus and drive. Teach your mind to not accept giving up.
  6. See your goals. Literally. Write down what you want to accomplish. Use pictures to help you create visual reinforcement. Avoid hiding your goals and ideas from yourself, and they will stay in the forefront of your thoughts, and not get buried in the day-to-day challenges and slowly drift away.
  7. Face your fears. One sure way to provide encouragement to yourself is to challenge what you are afraid of. Not only will you get something accomplished, but you’ll be able to prove to yourself that you can overcome the hurdles that sometimes block your path to success.

Spend some time reviewing these suggestions and get started on something new for the fall. You’ll feel better about yourself and probably have a worthwhile accomplishment to look back on and be proud of. We’d love to hear what you have planned. Tell us about it on Facebook and Twitter and let us celebrate your success along with you.