If you’re a fan of the changing seasons, then you have to love October. Coming out of the long, hot days of summer, the temperature starts to cool down to a more pleasant level, nature begins changing to prepare for a (hopefully) short slumber, and you appreciate the nice sunny days a little bit more because you know winter is just over the horizon. But October is much more than that – it’s also the month for your children’s second favorite holiday…Halloween.

Many Jaycee chapters will celebrate with events for little ones that promote a safe, controlled environment where both the parents and children can enjoy the evening. But in the event that you are going out door-to-door and trick or treating, there are a few simple rules that you should keep in mind as you walk the streets and scare your neighbors.

  • Wear bright or reflective costumes/clothing. It’s important that people driving can easily see your little ghosts and goblins as they excitedly move from house to house. Dark costumes reduce reaction times, and make crossing streets and driveways unnecessarily dangerous.
  • Always accompany your child. It was probably different when you were young. Your parents may have let you walk the neighborhood, trusting that your community would keep an eye out to make sure you stayed safe. It’s unfortunate that our world has changed, but we should recognize that it has and go out with your children, or volunteer to lead a group.
  • Inspect all of your child’s candy before the dive into it. Kids will want to begin eating right away, but it’s critical that you make sure none of the packages have been opened or tampered with in any way. Again, it’s sad that this is a necessary step, but it’s much better to be safe.
  • Ration out the candy over the next several days. It’s probably not a good idea to let your child control the distribution of sweets. Too much candy all at once will make them sick, and children aren’t known for having the best internal regulators when it comes to suckers, cupcakes, candy bars, and everything else that your neighbors will be passing out.

By following these simple suggestions, you and your family will have a fun and safe Halloween, and create great memories for your children. We’d love to hear your plans for Halloween. Will you be spending it at the Jaycees chapter, with friends, or at home passing out candy? Share with us on Twitter or Facebook – and most importantly, be safe!


Photo used under Creative Commons from wwarby.