As the premier organization for the development of young professionals, the Jaycees are dedicated to helping our members improve in all aspects of their lives. Just as important as improving your mental ability is keeping on the right track for a healthy you. As we move through the fall season, it’s a good time to begin or recommit to the habits that make a healthy lifestyle…especially with the approaching holidays and the temptations that they bring.

Luckily for us, the experts at WebMD have created a list of 8 simple tips to keep in mind to develop and sustain a more healthy existence. Check out the highlights:

  • Take a tailgate timeout – no, this does not mean you need to give up football and other spectator activities. Just be more conscious of what’s on the grill and how much you’re consuming. Especially alcohol.
  • Get plenty of sleep – watch your sleep patterns to ensure you are getting enough rest. Too much time on the computer or in front of the TV watching the new fall lineup can hurt your productivity and overall health.
  • Quit smoking – does this one need any explanation? Just remember to replace your cigarette with exercise and diet control to prevent unnecessary weight gain.
  • Beware of the flu – do your best to avoid contact with people who have it, and protect yourself with a flu shot (consult your doctor first) and plenty of soap and water.
  • Don’t overdo the holiday food table – you know what I’m talking about. Two big hunks of the apple cobbler? Watch what you are eating at parties, and practice moderation. Again, especially with alcohol.
  • Eat superfoods – try things like sweet potatoes which are chock full of nutrients, extremely filling, and low in calories. It will help you eat less of the high caloric foods.
  • Exercise to help your brain and body – research shows that even a 30 minute walk a few times a week can have tremendous benefits for both your mind and body. Try new activities to keep things fresh.
  • Have your coffee – in moderation, coffee can stimulate the brain and nervous system along with providing antioxidants and minerals that assist other body functions. Too much coffee can have a negative effect, so try and limit your daily intake.

Taking a few, simple steps this fall can help your overall health in a number of ways. Don’t try and change your entire life in one week by committing to everything at once. Make small changes that turn into habits, and strive for continuous improvement. Your mind and body will thank you.

Do you have any good tips for a healthier lifestyle? Share them with your fellow Jaycees on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and we can all improve together.