Recruiting can seem like a challenging endeavor for anyone coming up through the Junior Chamber ranks. When we look at recruiting, we need to think about how we ourselves may purchase the things we hold dear in life. In other words, what is the value versus the cost? In order to understand this, let’s break it down a little:

Costs of Joining the Jaycees:

  • Membership Dues – This is typically the first cost we encounter, and in recruiting, we often believe it is the hardest to overcome. However, if we look at common consumer spending habits across the United States for people within the 18-40 demographics, nothing could be farther from the truth. At an average of $50.00 annually, membership costs are significantly lower than what the demographic pays monthly in phone bills, coffee, eating out or bar nights, etc. Why do all of these seem more essential than a Jaycee membership?
  • Time Commitments – This is one that comes as potential members know the organization (or at least think they know the organization), or they might know current active members in the organization. How many of us have posted about how stressed we are about an upcoming project, a board position, or other? Many times, people perceive the “work” and “time” as much more significant than it is, or at least has to be.
  • Other Financial Costs – This can include events, conventions, donations, etc. Again, these costs are all voluntary, but can lead to an expanded Jaycee experience.

Value of Joining the Jaycees:

  • Networks – Whether personal or professional, the networks within the Jaycee family should be valued above the cost of membership alone. There is something powerful to know that you are in an organization that crosses international borders, with more than 220,000 members globally. Getting involved helps us to create these connections, and build lasting friendships.
  • Training – The type of training that the Junior Chamber provides can be a very costly endeavor in the professional world. Don’t believe me? Google “Leadership Training” or “Project Management Training” and see for yourself.
  • New Experiences – Ever had the chance to meet the President of the United States or a Fortune 500 company? What about learning about other cultures? Traveling? Running Projects? The opportunities and experiences that you can get through membership are limitless!

These are just a few examples of the benefits of joining the Junior Chamber movement. When we look at recruiting we need to remember our own purchasing behavior, and we can get a pretty good idea by asking a single question: Does the product have enough value to overcome the cost? Current members and alumni will be the first to tell you that our product (membership) value far exceeds the cost! To be effective in recruiting, we need to demonstrate the benefits of membership. We can start working together here. How have the Jaycee impacted your life? Share your story!