Entries are categorized as either Commercial or Non-Commercial. Commercial entries are those entered for for-profit companies (Lowe’s and Old Navy are examples of previous commercial entries). Non-Commercial entries are those entered for non-profit entities like Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Habitat for Humanity, etc.

Types & Fees

  • Commercial Float: $50
  • Walking Unit: $50
  • Commercial Non-Float: $75
  • Non-Commercial Float: $35
  • Pageant Queen (single car): $35
  • Non-Commercial Auto-Club: $35 for 6 cars; $5 for each additional car
  • K-12 Band: No charge

Float is defined as a structure built on top of a trailer and pulled by a truck or ATV.

Walking Unit is a group of people (and it can even include pets) that walk as a group as a part of the parade. Groups with horses are included in this category. All pets must be on a leash.

Commercial Non-Float is an entry by a for-profit organization that consists of a bus or tow truck or group of cars (up to 3). The Jonesboro Radio Group vans would be a good example.

Non-Commercial Auto Clubs may enter up to 6 cars for $35. Additional cars are $5 each. An example is NEA Volks Folks.